Philanthropy and Brand Consulting

INSIGHT brings a fresh perspective to your external brand and internal operations. Our team approaches every assignment with the objective to make your organisation operate more efficiently and effectively and keep your team motivated. We create innovative strategies that deliver results and we support their implementation to ensure success.

"INSIGHT worked to analyse and define my business both from the inside and from the outside, looking at our internal operations, our external presentation and our place in the market. Dani and Monique immediately understood the nature of Marthe Armitage Prints Ltd as a tiny, family-owned, organically growing artisanal company. They were able to be reassuring at the same time as challenging. Early on, Dani and Monique provided an insight into how our product offering could be straightened out and this has proved to be revelatory. It was not easy to open up the workings of this quirky business to professional scrutiny, but Monique and Dani were supportive and intelligent throughout, making a potentially uncomfortable process very pleasant and completely worthwhile."
Jo Broadhurst, Managing Director
Marthe Armitage Prints Ltd

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