An External Perspective on Your Internal Operations

INSIGHT believes that every company could benefit from an external perspective on its internal operations. Whether you are a startup in need of an identity, an established company looking for a comprehensive health check or a brand needing a redesign, INSIGHT works to ensure your brand stands out from the competition.

Our brand work focuses in three areas. Our project management team manages and executes projects where you may not have the expertise or staff capacity. Our brand identity team brings our bespoke workshop to your team to define your external messaging and goals and streamline operations. And our social good brand team works with companies looking to add a charitable component to their business.

Regardless of the avenue you choose, the INSIGHT team integrates seamlessly into your team and allows founders and staff to focus on innovative ideas and leave the small (and big) stuff to us.

Project Management

When new projects arise, we recognize that your business might not have the staff or resources required to manage and complete them. INSIGHT serves as the external resource for your internal needs.

Our team is available to manage short- and long-term projects from start to finish. By serving as the intermediary between stakeholders working on the project and your internal team, we streamline communication and allow your leadership to focus on the big decisions. Utilising our team’s diverse experience, we create and execute a comprehensive strategy to complete your projects on time and on budget.


Review project strategy
Identify project objectives
Create project strategy
Establish KPIs
Communicate with project stakeholders
Create and manage project budgets
Design and manage project schedule and work flow
Evaluate team and manage team growth
Serve as intermediary between staff and stakeholders
Lead project to completion
Complete project review and report
Develop internal and external communications
Manage press and media outreach
Social media design and management
Paid media strategy


We understand the importance of developing a strong brand. Through our bespoke branding workshop, INSIGHT discovers and evaluates your team’s messaging, goals, customers, competitors and market and uses this information to create the strategy tools you need to effectively communicate to your brand to your target market.

INSIGHT examines your existing framework, provides insight into key areas and makes recommendations to achieve better and faster results. Our clients range from struggling businesses to successful brands looking to move to the next level. We help you tap the potential of your staff and resources, identify areas where your business could improve efficiency and help develop and execute a plan to ensure your business is organized and operating as effectively as possible.


Perform a brand audit
Host brand identity workshop
Evaluate internal communication
Evaluate external messaging
Solidify mission, vision, values
Review brand experience
Perform a competitor analysis
Conduct market research
Examine business development potential
Review operational processes
Design customer experience
Lead team evaluation
Determine growth objectives
Create growth strategy
Establish KPIs
Press and media outreach
Social media design and management
Paid media outreach
Website health check
Website design and development

Social Good

INSIGHT believes that doing good is good business. Our team works with businesses to develop a clear understanding of their philanthropic and professionals goals to ensure the two elements are working together effectively.

Whether you are interested in a single event partnership with a charity or creating a long-term collaboration to incorporate philanthropy into the thread of your business, the INSIGHT team can help you find the right partner, create the framework for a successful partnership and execute and manage the process.


Define charitable objectives
Identify charitable partners
Perform due diligence on potential partners
Execute partnership with charity
Establish KPIs and metrics
Manage charitable partnerships
Create external materials to promote partnership
Educate staff and stakeholders on charity
Design and execute launch and press events
Promote charity partnership thru PR and social media

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