Philanthropy is at the heart of our work. Bridging the gap between donors and charities, our INSIGHT team works to create and manage effective, innovative giving partnerships. We help philanthropists, next generation donors and foundations to build meaningful and effective giving strategies, partnerships and programs. INSIGHT also supports charities to streamline their operations, improve their donor relations and create sustainable, stable funding opportunities.

Our services go beyond the charitable scope. In 2020, INSIGHT expanded our practice to startups and small businesses. We realised our project management and growth expertise and strategy blend seamlessly between the philanthropy and small business worlds. INSIGHT allows founders to focus on their innovative ideas and leave the small (and big) stuff to us. Whether it is a company health check, management of a small project or creation and execution of a major campaign, INSIGHT provides SMEs with the extra resources they need to achieve their goals.

We recognise that every client is unique and we bring a fresh perspective and approach to help you achieve your goals and have the greatest impact possible. INSIGHT transforms your ambitious ideas into action.


Our area of expertise is communication. INSIGHT makes cooperation and coordination between donors, charities, boards and beneficiaries seamless allowing all stakeholders to focus on the communities and causes they serve.

INSIGHT most commonly serves as intermediary between donors and charities to manage the expectations and create mutually beneficial relationships around a shared vision. Our team creates a highly personalised strategy developed from your history, values and goals and manages its execution from start to finish.

How we work



Every INSIGHT relationship starts with a free consultation to allow our team to understand your objectives and for you to learn about our people and process.



By investing time in the discovery process, our team is able to craft a proposal specific to your goals and within your budget. We want you to feel confident that a partnership with INSIGHT will be productive and successful before you commit any resources.



Projects can last anywhere from one week to several years depending on the project size and management level requested.



INSIGHT is both task oriented and process oriented – meaning we can be hired for a single project or for a broader, long-term purpose.

Core Values


We believe in working with you and your team to build a strategy based on collective input. Teamwork makes the dream work.


We work with people and causes that we can get behind. From ideas to implementation to impact, our team dedicates ourselves to partners who share our passion.


We strive to understand the details of our clients’ needs and create strategies and lasting partnerships that deliver results.


We know that positive work environments inspire positive results and we thrive in creative workspaces where all ideas and people are welcome.


Dani Lachowicz

Director and Founder

Dani brings a diverse background of experience having worked for domestic and international NGOs both in headquarters and field offices and as a consultant for high net worth donors, corporate and family foundations, start ups and small businesses.

She enjoys working with philanthropists, particularly next gen donors, to translate their ideas and passions into effective giving strategy; working with charities to improve their communication, connection and success with donors; and working with small businesses to help them achieve recognition and growth. Previously, Dani worked for the International Rescue Committee and the Magnum Foundation along with several private clients. She is proud of the relationships she builds with her clients, the impact of her work and the longevity of her consulting partnerships. Dani has worked with refugees and IDPs in South Sudan, Kenya, and Senegal and researched health issues in South Africa and Ghana. She is also passionate about working with veterans in the US and UK, particularly in the field of entrepreneurship. Dani has a BA in French from Dartmouth College and a Master in Global Affairs Human Rights and Humanitarian Aid from New York University.

Extended team

INSIGHT retains a small permanent staff because low overhead means lower costs to you. However, we supplement our internal team with a global network of partners of industry leaders which allows us to scale up our team and offer specific expertise for your needs.


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