INSIGHT brings a fresh perspective to your external brand and internal operations. Our team approaches every assignment with the objective to make your business operate more efficiently and effectively and keep your team motivated. We create innovative strategies that deliver results and we support their implementation to ensure success.

We are an extension of your company. INSIGHT recognizes that small businesses and organisations need support and our dedicated team is here to fill the gaps where needed. Whether it’s a shorter project or a long-term role, INSIGHT ensures a limited in-house staff does not slow down progress.


Operations is foremost among our expertise. We pride ourselves on being able to move fast, which ensures impact, efficiency, and the ability to maximise operational processes when you need it. We understand the moving parts within an organisation and our combined experience and small team allow us to immerse ourselves into your company with ease, spanning both the physical and digital world. We understand how these elements connect and how to execute projects incorporating both worlds seamlessly.

How we work



Every INSIGHT relationship starts with a free consultation to allow our team to understand your organisation and objectives and for you to learn about our people and process.



By investing time in the discovery process, our team is able to craft a proposal specific to your success and within your budget. We want you to feel confident that a partnership with INSIGHT will be productive and successful before you commit any resources.



Projects can last anywhere from one week to several years depending on the project size and management level requested.



INSIGHT is both task oriented and process oriented – meaning we can be hired for one purpose – a pop up opening or a fundraising campaign – or for work with broader, long-term scope – a brand partnership or grant giving campaign.

Core Values


We believe in integrating our team with yours and building a strategy based on collective input. Teamwork makes the dream work.


We believe in working with brands that we can get behind. From ideas to implementation to impact, our team dedicates ourselves to partners who share our passion.


We strive to understand the details of our clients’ needs and create strategies and lasting partnerships that deliver results.


We know that positive work environments inspire positive results and we thrive in creative workspaces where all ideas and people are welcome.

Leadership Team

Dani Lachowicz

Director and Founder

Dani brings a diverse background of experience having worked in the for profit and non profit sectors for start ups, domestic and international charities, small businesses, high net worth donors, and public and private foundations. Her specialty is working with philanthropists to design and execute impactful giving strategies and with charities to improve their external communications and efficiency. She enjoys working with for-profit brands to identify their core values and objectives and creating innovative, effective strategies to meet those goals. Previously, Dani worked for the International Rescue Committee and the Magnum Foundation. She is proud of the relationships she builds with her clients and the longevity of her consulting partnerships. She has worked with refugees and IDPs in South Sudan, Kenya, and Senegal and researched health issues in South Africa and Ghana. Dani has a BA in French from Dartmouth College and a Master in Global Affairs – Human Rights and Humanitarian Aid from New York University.

Extended team

INSIGHT retains a small permanent staff because low overhead means lower costs to you. However, we supplement our internal team with a global network of partners of industry leaders which allows us to scale up our team and offer specific expertise for your needs.


Strategic Growth
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Senior Project Manager
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Senior Project Manager
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Project Manager
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Public Relations
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Marketing Strategy
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Entertainment and Events
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Corporate Wellness
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Work Culture
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Web Design/Development
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"INSIGHT worked to analyse and define my business both from the inside and from the outside, looking at our internal operations, our external presentation and our place in the market. Dani and Monique immediately understood the nature of Marthe Armitage Prints Ltd as a tiny, family-owned, organically growing artisanal company. They were able to be reassuring at the same time as challenging. Early on, Dani and Monique provided an insight into how our product offering could be straightened out and this has proved to be revelatory. It was not easy to open up the workings of this quirky business to professional scrutiny, but Monique and Dani were supportive and intelligent throughout, making a potentially uncomfortable process very pleasant and completely worthwhile."
Jo Broadhurst, Managing Director
Marthe Armitage Prints Ltd

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