Making Charity More Efficient and Effective

Our INSIGHT staff brings a unique blend of experience with domestic and international charities, private and corporate foundations and donors at all levels and stages. Our greatest strength is bridging the gap between charities and donors and managing the expectations of both sides to ensure successful, long-lasting partnerships.

We work with charities to improve their internal operations and external messaging. Our team is available for a range of services from operational evaluations to single project management to long-term strategic advising. We help your fundraising team get inside the minds of potential and existing donors to ensure your fundraising efforts are successful.

INSIGHT is particularly proud of our work with charities and organisations to help them to understand and anticipate the needs and mindset of high net worth donors. Our skilled team offers workshops as well as long-term management of your major gifts team to build your fundraising capacity.

Donor Relations

With 53% of high net worth individuals believing that charities are inefficient and donors being less likely to give to a charity if the impact of their donation is not clear, the need for accountability and transparency from charities is essential. The trend of fewer people giving has been established in response to the rising cost of living and charities need to find new innovative ways to attract donors.

INSIGHT works with charities of all sizes around the world to improve their external messaging in order to increase donor contributions and improve donor retention. We help charities attract and engage the right donors, partners and media. Our team also works to streamline your internal operations so donors who do a deep dive can feel confident that your charity is operating effectively and efficiently with their donations.


Perform a health check on donor relations
Review donor communication
Evaluate existing donor relationships
Evaluate development staff and strategy
Train staff on donor relations
Manage development staff outreach
Identify new income streams
Create donor funding decks
Hold workshop on charity branding
Design fundraising materials
Identify funding opportunities
Create and manage donor events
Conduct media training
Design marketing materials
Manage PR and media outreach

Major Gifts

Since 2020, there has been a consistent upward trend in giving from high net worth (HNW) individuals with the fastest growth in those with wealth over £5 million. Levels of charitable giving is directly linked to the financial security of the individuals and the HNW donor market has the ability to provide gifts for core operations as well as underwriting larger project work.

INSIGHT works with your major gifts team to help them understand the HNW donor landscape and trends, to create a strategy to attract and retain HNW donors and to ensure that HNW donor expectations are exceeded by your development staff.

INSIGHT offers individual training and workshops as well as long-term staff management to ensure your team’s major gift fundraising efforts are successful and your high net worth donors remain commitment to supporting your programs and people.


Identify major gift fundraising targets
Evaluate current HNW donor management
Research current and potential HNW donors
Train staff on HNW donor management
Create a HNW donor management system
Manage HNW donor outreach and development
Monitor interaction and progress with HNW donors
Create donor reporting system
Prepare reports for HNW donors
Design and execute HNW donor visits
Serve as intermediary between HNW donors and charities


Effective charitable operations is key to gaining donor trust. According to research conducted by the Charity Commission in 2022, there is consistent sceptisism on the efficiency of charities, how they use their funding and how they behave. The public expects a high proportion fo charites’s money to be used for charitable activities, that charities are making the impact they promise, that the way they make this impact is consistent with the spirit of the charity and that the reputation of the charity is upheld.

INSIGHT provides a deep dive into your charity’s activities to ensure donor and public expectations are being met, to streamline the operations of your team and programmes and to ensure your charity is achieving its maximum impact. We don’t change what you do, we change how you do it to make your charity more transparent, effective and appealing to donors.


Evaluate internal operations
Create a strategy for effective spending
Identify and build the charity brand
Review existing programs
Design and implement new programs
Manage existing projects
Establish evaluation and metrics systems
Evaluate current brand presentation
Create external marketing materials
Conduct media training
Design a marketing strategy
Manage paid marketing campaigns
Create and manage social media
Manage PR and media outreach
Develop charity pitch decks
Prepare and manage press and donor visits

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